Welcome to Traderseed

Hello my name is Kieran, you may have seen some of my videos on my YouTube channel ‘Funded Trader Life’. I am a Funded Trader and Official Partner of FTMO. Since 2019 I have helped traders from all over the world get funding to trade the financial markets and offer them a chance to make real profits and trade for a living. I run 2 exclusive trading programs which both offer huge discounts on real FTMO funding, you can see them in the table below. The Free Program is currently full so is no longer taking applications. Please make sure that you sign up so I can keep you updated. For the full details of each program, use the links below.

FastTrack! Program

FastTrack your way to FTMO Funding in only 10 days, 80% Profit Split, 66% off the price of an FTMO Challenge.

$100k Partner Fund

Join the Partner Fund. Go straight for the 100k Account. The fastest route to Profit Payouts. Just a 5 day evaluation, 60% off the price of an FTMO 100k Challenge.