Traderseed 100k Partner Fund

Traderseed $100,000 Partner Fund

Hello, its Kieran! Since launching the Traderseed Program in 2019, I have worked with hundreds of talented traders from all over the world, seeding them with the initial capital that they need to get their career in trading started. The number one piece of feedback I hear from traders is that they want to get to the profit payouts much faster. This is the objective of the 100k Partner program. The program is simple. Just pass the 5 day evaluation and I will purchase a 100k FTMO Challenge for you to trade. Once Funded, the Profit Split starts immediately, with an 80% Profit Split to you. The price of the Program is $245 which is 60% off the price of a 100k FTMO Challenge, which means you are saving $365. Plus I will return your full $245 fee on your first Profit withdrawal.

Check out all of the details below:

100k Partner Fund FAQ

What is the structure of the Program? Once you pass the tests below, I will purchase a 100k FTMO Challenge for you to trade. You will then trade the FTMO Challenge to achieve your funded account. Once funded, your profit split will start immediately.

How does the profit split work? Each month, FTMO will take their 30%, the remaining 70% we will split, 80% to you, 20% to me. The profit split is made on your profit split date which is 30 days after you open your first trade, once you are Funded. I payout via Paypal, Skrill or Bank Transfer.

What are the ‘Trading Style’ Rules in the table? In the Partner Fund, you can trade any style you like, there are no restrictions at all on your trading. You can trade any markets offered by FTMO LMAX and can hold trades overnight and even over the weekend during the evaluation stages. Crypto trading during the weekend is also allowed.

What are the full details of the two tests? Here they are:

1) Profit Test – 50k account, max 14 days
Trade Minimum 3 Days
Profit Target $5,000
Max Loss $5,000
Max Daily Loss $2,500

2) Risk Management Test – 50k account, max 14 days
Trade Minimum 2 Days
Profit Target $2,500
Max Loss $2,500
Max Daily Loss $2,500

What if I fail a test in the Partner Fund evaluation? If you do not hit the profit target in the time allowed for either test, you can restart from the Profit Test for free, as long as the account is positive and you have not hit either of the Max Loss objectives. If you hit either of the Max Loss objectives and fail a test, you must purchase a new Partner Fund account.

Do I have to still trade the FTMO Evaluations? Yes, I am providing the initial seed capital, once you start trading the FTMO challenge, you will still have to pass the Challenge and the Verification according to FTMO’s objectives.

Does the Partner Fund have a ‘Seed Account’ like the FastTrack program? No, once passed, you will trade the 100k FTMO Challenge straight away, and once funded, the profit payouts will begin immediately.

Can I trade this program and the FastTrack! program? Yes, you can trade both. But please note that the maximum funding through Traderseed you can have at any one time is $300,000 across both of the programs, due to FTMO’s rules.

So can I trade multiple Partner Accounts? Yes, but please just trade one evaluation at a time. As per above, the maximum funding you can have through Traderseed is $300,000 at any one time, across both programs, so keep this in mind.

Who’s name are the accounts in? All the accounts are in my name, so you can still trade directly in your name with FTMO if you want.

Why is there a cost? My aim with this program is to help as many traders as I can get Funded, but I cannot do this with a huge personal risk to myself, so I need to charge a fee to mitigate some risk. The fee is 60% less than the price of a 100k FTMO challenge, so I think it is a fair price. I will also return your fee in full when you make your first profit withdrawal.

How do I get into the Partner Fund? Purchase a Partner Fund account from below, and you will immediately receive your credentials for the Profit Test, so you can start trading right away!

How are the Test Objectives calculated? and how can I follow the progress of my Account?
I run the tests on FTMO accounts so you can monitor your progress via the FTMO Account Metrix. I will send you a personal link for every account you trade. If you want to know more about the Account Metrix and how the Objectives are calculated please visit the Videos page.

Are you legit? How do I know this is not a scam? I try my best to be as transparent as possible. I have been running Traderseed since 2019 and it is evident that due to FTMO’s account rules, I would not be able to run this program without FTMO’s permission. If this was a scam they would close my accounts. I have made many videos looking inside my funded accounts on YouTube, including a video showing a profit payment, which FTMO themselves shared on their social media ( If you have any doubt then feel free to contact me. I am trying to build a team and a fund for the long term, I am not going to risk that, and my reputation, just to scam some people and have all my accounts closed.

Why are you running this program? I want to meet, fund and build long term relationships with serious profitable traders, to work with on this project, and hopefully on bigger projects in the future.

Why wouldn’t I just go direct with FTMO? I am not trying to encourage anyone away from doing this, but if you want to get funded for fraction of the cost of an FTMO challenge, then this program could be a good option for you. It is priced at $245 which is 60% off the price of a 100k FTMO Challenge ($610). So you are saving $365 each time. I work 1 on 1 with all traders and many have found this beneficial for their trading performance.

What instruments can I trade? You can trade any products that are offered by FTMO LMAX. They offer a large range of markets covering Major & Minor Currencies, Equity Indices, Commodities and 7 days a week Crypto markets. In the evaluation stages of the program you can hold all your trades overnight and over the weekend, and you can trade Crypto during the weekends too.

Which countries can I join from? You can join from anywhere in the world!

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