Traderseed Free Program

How does the Free Program work?

22nd June 2020 Update: The Free Program is currently FULL. The current intake of the Free Program has been open since the beginning of the year and I’m happy and proud to have helped so many great traders get funded. However, due to the overwhelming demand for the Free Program, I can no longer keep up with the amount of email I receive. 90% of the email i receive is related to this Program and I have a responsibility to the people who have entered my paid programs to ensure I provide the best service I can, therefore I cannot continue running the Free Program right now. I will probably open it up again at some point, maybe in a time limited fashion, but as of now I am no longer accepting new applications. If you are already trading Tests/Funded Accounts in the Free Program, you of course can continue as normal, you are not affected, but I cannot take any new applications as of now. The FastTrack and the Partner Fund remain open. Sign up below if you would like to be notified when the Free Program opens again.

Hello it’s Kieran! Since 2019 I have been helping traders who cannot pay for a funded trader evaluation get funded, and sharing the profits with them.

The first step is to take an FTMO free trial and pass it according to the ‘Entry Test’ criteria below. You will then take the ‘Profit Test’ and ‘Risk Management Test’ on one of my accounts. If you pass these tests ill purchase a 10k FTMO evaluation for you to trade. Once you pass the FTMO evaluation steps, this will become your “Seed Account”. You will trade this and use the profits generated to purchase 100k FTMO Challenges. Your first objective with the 10k account will be to make a $600 profit withdrawal (after FTMO have taken their split of course). Once you hit this objective, we’ll use all these profits to purchase a 100k evaluation for you. Once funded on this 100k account, we’ll split the profits. You will still have access to your Seed Account, so you can continue to trade that as well to purchase more 100k evaluations. If you fail one of these 100k evaluations, don’t worry, you will still have access to your Seed Account to try and make profits for another one. That account is yours until you hit the max drawdown. FTMO allows 3 x 100k accounts per trader so that will be the aim for you. You can then begin to grow these accounts according to FTMOs scaling plan.

To send me your Free Trial result, click the ‘Share’ button above your equity curve in your FTMO account metrix and send me the link. Make sure you Sign Up at the bottom of this page, so I can send you my email address.

Here are the details of the 3 Tests:

1) Entry Test (on your own FTMO account)
Pass an FTMO 14 Day free Trial – $50k account (non aggressive version)
Trade Minimum 10 Days (not 5!)
Profit Target $5,000 (not $2,500!)
Max Loss $2,500 (not $5,000!)
Max Daily loss $2,500

Once you have completed all of the objectives above, send me your link. Remember you must trade 10 days.

2) Profit Test – 50k account, max 14 days – (on one of my accounts)
Trade Minimum 10 Days
Profit Target $5,000
Max Loss $5,000
Max Daily Loss $2,500

3) Risk Management Test – 50k account, max 14 days – (on one of my accounts)
Trade Minimum 10 Days
Profit Target $2,500
Max Loss $2,500
Max Daily Loss $2,500

Frequently asked Questions

What is the profit split? The profit split works like this; its 50/50 when you have 1 funded 100k account, 60/40 in your favor when you have 2, and 70/30 when you have 3. The profit split is calculated after FTMO have taken their share of course, and is paid monthly according to the account’s profit split date.

What exactly do I have to do to pass the first test? As mentioned above, the first step is to take an FTMO free trial and pass it according to the ‘Entry Test’ criteria above. Note the ‘Profit’ & ‘Max Loss’ targets are different from the standard FTMO free trial. You must pass this free trial fully, including not violating the Max Daily Loss objective. To get the shareable link so I can see the results, click the ‘Share’ button above your equity curve in your FTMO account metrix. Sign up at the bottom of this page and ill send you my email address. You must send me the link no later than 3 days after the end date of the trial. Please note that I will not pass you without seeing all of the ‘Entry Test’ criteria completed on the account metrix (including the minimum 10 days!).

What happens once I pass the Entry Test? Once you have passed the first test and sent me the link as mentioned above, I will send you login credentials to trade the next test.

What do I get once I pass all 3 tests? Once you have passed all 3 tests, I will purchase a 10k FTMO challenge for you to trade.You must still trade this according to FTMOs evaluation process, so you must trade their Challenge and Verification. Once completed, this will be your ‘Seed Account’.

During the evaluation, will you fund me if I make a couple of huge trades and just scalp the remaining days? No, I need to see that you employ proper risk management in your trading. Your trading style should be consistent and you should trade small, relative to the account size. I want to see a steadily rising equity curve, with control and precision. Your ability to strictly follow your risk management is the most important thing I am looking for. I am not just looking for you to hit the profit target with 1 or 2 big winning trades, or 1 or 2 days, as this can be done easily on a demo account. You should size your positions to slowly work your way to the target, over 10 solid trading sessions.

If I fail your test, can I take it again? Yes, but you must pass another Entry Test to join the program again.

Do I get paid profits from the Seed Account? All profits from the Seed Account go towards purchasing more 100k evaluations for you to trade. Profits are then paid out on the 100k Funded accounts.

What happens if I make more money in the Seed Account than is required to purchase 3 x 100k FTMO Challenges? Any remaining money will stay in your Seed Account for you to use if you fail a 100k Challenge or blow a Funded Account. This means that you will always have funds ready to purchase a new 100k Challenge, should the markets go drastically against you

Who’s name are the accounts in? All the accounts are in my name so you can still trade direct with FTMO if you want to do so.

How do you payout? I payout via Paypal, Skrill or Bank Transfer.

Can I negotiate my own deal? No, I have too many traders to do separate deals with some people, so these are the terms, it’s up to you if it’s worth it for you or not.

How are the Test Objectives calculated? and how can I follow the progress of my Account?
I run the tests on FTMO accounts so you can monitor your progress via the FTMO Account Metrix. I will send you a personal link for every account you trade. If you want to know more about the Account Metrix and how the Objectives are calculated please visit the Videos page.

What is FTMO? Do you work for them? Why do you use their platform? 
FTMO is a proprietary trading firm that offers funding to serious traders if you pay for & pass their evaluations. I trade multiple funded accounts for them myself, however I do not work for them. Due to my track record trading for them, they have granted me permission to run this program. Once you have signed up for the free trial using the link on this page, take a look through their website so you understand how the process works.

Why are you running this program? I want to meet, fund and build long term relationships with serious profitable traders, to work with on this project, and hopefully on bigger projects in the future.

Are you legit? How do I know this is not a scam? I try my best to be as transparent as possible. I have been running Traderseed since 2019 and it is evident that due to FTMO’s account rules, I would not be able to run this program without FTMO’s permission. If this was a scam they would close my accounts. I have made many videos looking inside my funded accounts on YouTube, including a video showing a profit payment, which FTMO themselves shared on their social media ( If you have any doubt then feel free to contact me. I am trying to build a platform and a team for the long term, I am not going to risk that, and my reputation, just to scam some people and have all my accounts closed.

This is a generous program offering a chance to trade the markets for a living, for free. As there is no risk to the trader, I have a huge amount of interest in this program. As a result, all I ask is that you respect my time and money, so please only trade one account at a time and don’t send me links from different email address, as this will be a breach of the terms of this program. I look forward to you sharing your link with me to say you have passed the Entry Test. So please register your interest below so I can send you further details and keep you updated with this program.

Lets keep in contact! Sign Up below and i’ll send you updates on this program, plus all this information via email. To send me your link, just reply to that email.